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A popular motivational speaker tells the story of the importance of hiring specialists.

When Federal Express was first starting, a problem came up at their main distribution center.

This facility is filled with about 60+ conveyor belts to move all the packages around. Of course, now they’re even bigger and a much larger network now. But at the time, this one center was the lifeblood of Federal Express. And if any of one of those belts stopped moving, they lost a ton of money because packages can’t be routed, planes are going to be late, and all hell is going to break loose.

One day, not 1, not 2, not 3, but every single one of the conveyor belts stop simultaneously. They immediately think it must be some kind of an electric problem. But all the lights are on, everything else is functioning perfectly, except for the conveyor belts. At this point, they are freaking out. Every minute the belts are down, they’re losing tens of thousands of dollars. So they quickly get the repairman on the phone, “look, we got an emergency, we need you here NOW.”

He says, “I’m 5 minutes away, I’ll be right over.” The repairman comes over and walks around the place. Everything is dead stopped. The owner is just freaking out, “you gotta help me.” He looks around, assesses the situation for a moment. Then walks straight to this one pole, right in the middle of the room. He opens this small metal box. He takes out one screwdriver. He turns one screw a quarter of an inch. Then everything starts up. Every conveyor belt is moving. Everything is working perfectly.

The owner is beside himself, he’s so overjoyed. He comes up to the repairman and says, “oh, my God, you saved my life, how much do I owe you?” The repairman says, “$10,000.” The owner says, “$10,000? You were here for five minutes.” Repairman says, “that’s right, $10,000.” So the owner is a little upset and says, “well, how about you give me an itemized bill on that.” The repairman says, “Sure, I don’t need to leave to do that. I can do that right here. Give me a pen and paper and I’ll give you an itemized bill.” The owner grudgingly gives him a pen and paper. The repairman rights it down. The owner reads it, nods his head and smiles. He says, “ok, you’re right.” He then goes to the safe and takes out $10,000 cash and pays him right there.

You know what the note says?

Itemized Bill Turning screw $1.00 Knowing which screw to turn $9,999.00

Marketing your company is too important a function to try and do it on your own, if you’re not experienced in it. You’ll get more effective and cost efficient results if you hire professionals specialized in the field.