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Why do better advertising?

What’s the point of doing more creative ads?  It’s far easier to take some pictures with a digital camera and slap them next to a bunch of bullet points that say pretty much the same as competitors.  It’s easier to put together a flier on Word and print it out on Kinko’s.  It’s easier to have the radio or the TV station produce your ad in the same style as all the other ads on their station. Advertising is easy.  Making people care about what you have to offer, on the other hand, takes commitment, innovation, creativity, passion, willingness to take risks... And as competition continues to grow, it takes more and more to stand out.  Why bother? We believe that every company or organization has something within them that makes them truly unique and exceptionally remarkable.  Shouldn’t other people know about that too?   Why bother promoting yourself like everyone else?  Why bother being mediocre, when others can see how extraordinary you are? Your advertising should reflect the good work you do.  And you deserve to have everyone know how great you are.