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What makes a “great” ad?

Some would say a “great” ad is one that increases sales.  Others would say it’s one that’s out of the box, and creative.  Still more might say that a “great” ad is one that tells everything about your company or product/service.  All of them are true to a certain degree. However, I would say that a “great” ad is one that isn’t an “ad” at all.  It’s something that transcends advertising and marketing.  A “great” ad is one where the consumer doesn’t feel sold to, but feels inspired to support the company.  Apple does it. TOMS Shoes does it.  Tiffany’s does it.    Maybe their customers remember seeing a particular ad from them or maybe they just have a sense that they stand for something that they can relate to.  For whatever the reason, what these strong brands do is so much more than simply advertising.