Full-service strategic marketing firm, and one of the top-five advertising agencies in Hawaii

Value Proposition

We help companies to more effectively promote themselves by using a systematic and proven approach to developing marketing plans and tactics.

We believe that effective marketing comes from gaining an acute understanding of the target audiences and honing a laser-sharp definition of the marketing problem.  We use this insight to develop marketing creative that is not only interesting and distinctive, but also highly engaging and relevant. We base our work on four core principles, which help guide the way we develop marketing strategies and tactics.

Innovative: If it’s been done before, people won’t notice.

Distinctive: If someone else is doing the same thing, you won't stand out.

Engaging: If it doesn’t capture someone’s attention, they won’t know what you‘re saying.

Actionable: If it doesn’t get people to act, then none of it matters at all.

A strong "big idea" is more effective than a bunch of nonsense ads that don't really say anything interesting to the consumer.