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Tools | The Network Effect: How your company makes the world a better place

Network Effect It’s an overused visual.  A single drop of water creating expanding ripples, affecting an ever-growing area. However, it reminds us that a small action can generate huge repercussions.  It’s often a good idea to take a step back and consider the positive difference you make on people’s lives. Try this ongoing group exercise to discover your company’s Network Effect.
  1. What’s your CORE? Some call it Unique Selling Proposition.  Others call it Strategic Intent.  It may be your Mission or your Vision.  We often call it your Differentiating Value.  Whatever you call it, I’m referring to the basic reason why you’re in business.  Why does your company exist?  Write a succinct answer on a post-it and place it in the middle of the board.
  2. Think of 7 things your company does to improve people’s lives. Write them on post-its surrounding the CORE.
  3. Gather your employees and ask them to recall stories of customers who were positively affected by those actions.  Write them down on post-its and connect them to the actions.
  4. Keep building on it.  Put the board up in an employee gathering area. Invite them to continue to add stories to the board.
Looking at the positive difference your company makes in this world can be a huge boost in morale.  It gives employees pride in what they do and provides a tangible resource on how you deliver on your value proposition.