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Tools | The Brand Game

MCA The Brand Game If often helps to use comparisons to get a different take on your industry.  Here’s a fun and quick exercise to help you to get clearer on your positioning, as well as your competitors.
  1. Identify a list of your competitors
  2. Download this PDF with a table of brands by category.
  3. Gather a team of your employees to do this exercise.
  4. Print a set for each person to do independently.
  5. For each page write down in the boxes below each logo which brand you feel your company most identifies with.
  6. Write down which of your competitors relates most with the other brands on the document.
  7. After everyone’s done, share your answers.
  8. Discuss the reasoning behind each answer.  Focus on the differences to have a healthy conversation on how your employees view your brand and your competitors.