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Tools: Identifying your Singular Significance

singular significance With so many choices available, consumers need a specific reason why they should buy your product or service.  It’s not enough to have “superior quality” or be a “good value.”  People need a clear idea the value you provide them that they can’t get anywhere else.  Use this tool to determine what that is. 1. Draw the above diagram on a whiteboard. 2. Write a list of all the benefits your company provides on post-it notes. 3. Rank where each benefit falls on the scale of relevance to your customers and uniqueness to your industry. 4. Place the post-its in the appropriate boxes.
  • Boilerplate: Attributes that are relevant to your customers, but not unique to your industry.  e.g. Banks that offer online banking
  • Novelty: Attributes that unique to your brand, but don’t matter very much to your customers. e.g. A restaurant that serves a 50lb burger
  • Trivial: Attributes that consumers don’t care about, but pretty much are universal with all companies in the industry. e.g. Cars with cruise control in Manhattan
  • Singular Significance: The value you uniquely provide to your customers.
The benefits that are in the Singular Significance area are the key points you should be consistently communicating in your marketing efforts.  Boilerplate and Novelty benefits are fine as support points to your offering, but they will not create a significant response to your brand.