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Tools: Hosting a Promotion Potluck

potluck Here’s a great exercise to get everyone on your team working together to create promotional ideas for your company.
  1. Have everyone on your team, think of 1 promotional idea that could help to better market your business.
  2. Prior to the meeting, have them write the idea on 1 side of a 3x5 index card.  They can write out bullet points or step-by-step instructions.  They can draw or use diagrams.  They should feel free to do anything they feel would best explain the idea.  The only rule is that it must fit on 1 side of the index card.
  3. At the meeting, ask each participant to pass their index card to the person on the left of them.
  4. Have everyone read the new cards they have.
  5. Ask them to write on the blanks side of the card, the 3 best media vehicles that can be used to advertise the promotion and why they feel they’re the best.
  6. Have them pass the card to the person to the left of them.
  7. Ask them to write on the card, how they would promote the idea in a Facebook post or Tweet.
  8. Have them pass the card one more time to the left.
  9. Ask everyone to read their new card and add anything else they think would make the idea even more successful.
  10. Go around the room and have everyone present the card they presently have.
  11. Vote on the top 3 (or as many as you like) and go execute them.