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Tools | Product Gap Analysis

There’s only one reason why anyone buys anything.  They are trying to fulfill a need or want.  People buy food for nourishment or simple pleasure.  They buy a shirt to clothe themselves or to show how fashionable they are.  They get a massage to relax and feel better. So your target audience is either in one of two states:
  • Without your product
  • With your product
The difference is the value you provide to them and the reason(s) why they should buy from you.  Try this exercise to explore this further to develop your marketing messaging.
  1. Ask yourself what is the problem your product or service solves.
  2. Write on post-its all of the things they’re missing in regards to that problem by not having your product.
  3. Write on another set of post-its all of the benefits they gain from having your product.
  4. Match up what they’re missing with what they gain.
  5. Write a value statement about why your target audience should get your product based off of each pair.
Now you have some powerful messages, which you can use for your marketing or sales pitches. Product Gap Analysis