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Tools | Develop a Persona Profile

A Target Audience is often defined with very basic information like “women age 25-54,” which is fine for purchasing media.  However, when you’re trying to think of creative ways to appeal to your customers, it’s difficult to imagine how a bunch of demographic points will feel about your product.  A more natural way is to think about how to relate to an actual person.  What would that individual think of your marketing efforts?  Would he or she respond to what you’re offering? Creating a Persona Profile can greatly help to generate more innovative ideas by giving your target audience a name, a face, and a back story.  Use this template to build your own. Demographic Info
  • Age: (Use an average age)
  • Occupation: (Use an occupation that a lot of your customers might be in)
  • Personal Income: (average range)
  • Family: (Describe their immediate family unit.)
  • Life Priorities: (What are the most important their key concerns in life?)
Industry Specific
  • A quote:  (that describes how they feel about your product category)
  • Attitudes toward [your industry]: (What are their overall thoughts about your industry as a whole?)
  • Reason(s) they [use your product category]: (Why do they use your type of product?  What purpose does it fulfill?)
  • Things they look for in [your product category]: (What are the key factors they consider when deciding which company to purchase your type of product from?)
Other characteristics
  • Personality Traits: (How would you describe them?)
  • Interests/Hobbies: (What kind of activities they may be interested in)
  • Liked Brands: (What are some companies they care about?)
  • Media Consumed: (What do they watch / listen to / read?)
MCA Persona Profile Download template here