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Tools | Marketing Brainstorm: The Board Game (Dice Edition)

dice While brainstorms are supposed to foster open dialog and creative thinking, they can be difficult to get started.  Our minds are often blocked because we want to come up with really good ideas.  It’s what Seth Godin calls the “lizard brain” or what Stephen Pressfield calls “the Resistance.” Making it a game can quell those anxieties to stimulate more open-minded thinking.   To prepare for the game: Make a list of different types of marketing mediums and number them 1-6.  For example:
  • 1 – TV
  • 2 – Radio
  • 3 – Print
  • 4 – Website
  • 5 – Social Media
  • 6 – Event
Make a list of your company’s top selling points and number them 1-6.  For example:
  • 1 – Trendy clothing, not found anywhere else on the island
  • 2 – Trained staff that act as consultants
  • 3 – Convenient location
  • 4 – Attractive retail storefront
  • 5 – Sharable content on fashion and style
  • 6 – Numerous community outreach efforts
  To play the game:
  1. Break up the group into teams of 2 (so you need at least 4 people to play).
  2. Have each team roll 2 dice and record the numbers.
  3. Each player will be brainstorming marketing ideas.
  4. The first number is their marketing medium they need to use and the second number is the primary message they need to communicate.
  5. Each team has 10 minutes to come up with ideas.
  6. After time is up, each team will present their ideas.
  7. After each team has presented, teams will choose the best idea from the team to the left of them.
  8. As a group, decide which ideas to actually execute and/or if there needs to be some modifications to make it work.