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Tools | Marketing Action Modeling

Post-it Flowchart The only purpose for any advertising tactic or marketing initiative is to ultimately end in a sale.  Each may have immediate goals of raising awareness or repositioning the brand.  But if the true end goal isn’t a sale, then what’s really the point? However, rather than leaving it to chance, hoping that your potential customers will know the exact road to take to get there, why not help them along the way?  The first step in doing that is to map out the buying process leading from your advertising/marketing tactic to the sale itself. Some roads may be very short.
  • You run an ad in the newspaper with a coupon.
  • They see it and want to buy something with it.
  • They come into your store to buy something and redeem the coupon.
Others may require more steps.
  • You create a Facebook page.
  • You promote it in your store.
  • Current customers see it and “like” your page.
  • You post interesting and relevant content.
  • Your current fans “like” that content.
  • Their friends see what they “liked” and begin following your page.
  • You post one of your products that are really interesting.
  • They see it and want to check it out.
  • They come into your store to buy it.
  • Maybe they buy some other things too.
By listing all of the actions they need to take from your tactic all the way to get to the end goal of the sale, you can identify ways to help them along the process.  Try this exercise with all of your current advertising and marketing.
  1. Write down your advertising/marketing tactic on a post-it.
  2. Write each step your target audience must take in order to get the end goal of the sale.
  3. Really think hard about what a person will realistically need to do to get there.  Don’t be so naïve to think that if someone just knew about your company then they would automatically want to buy something from you.
  4. Look at the process and see where you can help them along or even ways of how you can cut out some steps.  For the Facebook example, some things that may help include:
    • Run Facebook Ads to get more fans quicker
    • Focus on posting content that people will likely like
    • Run a special promotion only for your Facebook fans to encourage them to come into the store quicker
This is all about optimization.  How can you make it easier and easier to get your customers from the tactic to the sale?  Review your tactic action model periodically and see what you can do to help them along their path.