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Tools | Mapping the customer experience

MCA Customer Experience Map Use this handy tool to map out your customer’s experience with your products to help you identify areas where you can optimize the process. Download the PowerPoint document and use the shapes to map out the experience process. Action (Customer): Describe the actions your customers take along the buying process all the way to the sale, at least.  If applicable, also include the after-purchase actions for both the customer and employees. Physical Element: Describe what physical aspects the customer is experiencing. Action (Employee): Describe the action your employee(s) will make.  It would also be good to note the position of the employee who does the action to keep track of how your entire team is servicing your customer. Decision: If there is a choice that needs to be made, note it here. Option: Note their options here. What they’re thinking: What do you think your customers are thinking at that moment?  How are they evaluating their decision? Ideas for Improvement: Use this shape to note ideas of how you can improve the experience and possibly adjust the customer experience process. Tips
  • It’s usually easier to outline the potential steps in written form first.
  • You don’t need to necessarily map out every little discrete step, just the main ones.
  • Really focus on the “Thinking” areas to gain a better understanding of how to best help your customers at that point in the buying process.