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Tools | Evaluate the Levels of Perspective for your marketing

MCA Levels of Perespective David Allen coined the concept of Horizons of Focus to illustrate the different levels of perspective we should consider to help manage our workflow.  We can use a similar framework for your marketing efforts to help you keep your priorities straight. Ground Level: These are your specific marketing tactics.  The print ad that’s going to run next week.  The TV schedule that’s flighting.  That kind of stuff. 10,000 ft (Programs): This would be any kind of promotional program you may have going on.  It could be a loyalty program, contest, monthly special, etc. 20,000 ft (Annual Plan): This is basically your marketing plan for the year. 30,000 ft (Markets and Products): Who is your target audience(s) and what overall product categories are you selling? 40,000 ft (Positioning): How you position your brand against the competition is essential to create a clear distinction in people’s minds. 50,000 ft (Brand Promise): At the highest level is your brand promise.  All of your marketing should be consistently communicating this message. Use this diagram and fill out each level.  Hang it up in your office as a constant reminder, so that when you have to make a decision, you have a quick reference to make sure it aligns with all your levels of focus. It’s also a good idea to evaluate it every few months to make sure everything still makes sense given your current situation.