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Tools | Creating a Focus Chain for your marketing

Clearly defined differentiation is the key to effective marketing.  It’s not enough to just say you have the best widgets.  Anyone can say they have the “best” anything.  The key is to define what that means and why specifically it would be attractive to a consumer. Developing a unique and compelling marketing Focus gives people a clear understanding of why they should care about your brand.  The question is how do you deliver that focus.  Use this exercise to help you develop a Focus Chain to give you a well-defined direction for your marketing efforts. 1. Start by asking yourself: “What is the ONE thing my company could offer that would be overwhelmingly compelling for my target audience?”  Write it down on a post-it and put it in the center of the target. 2. Then ask yourself: “In order to deliver that, what are the 3 most important qualities that must be true about my company?”  Write it down on small post-its and place them in the middle squares in the center. 3. Finally, identify 2 ways to deliver each quality.  Write them on small post-its and place them on the adjoining corresponding boxes. Download the Focus Chain worksheet (11” x 17”) here Focus Chain