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Tools | Create-an-ad

It’s easy to get into the trap of featuring happy smiling customers or simple product shots in your advertising.  However, it can prevent more creative thinking on the value you actually provide to your customers. Try this exercise for a deeper dive on the core benefits you provide and what makes your brand unique.
  1. Download this PDF of random images and print them out.
  2. You will use these images as visuals for a print ad about your business.
  3. Write a headline and body copy on the each printout.
  4. Try to think of how you could use these visuals to describe your business.  How could you use them as a metaphor for what you do?
  5. Show them to your team and ask them if they understand the message of your ads and how they would suggest making them better.
Note: The point of this exercise isn’t to actually run an ad with these supplied visuals.  The point is to get you thinking about your business from a different perspective and see how things can be communicated in many different ways. Elevator Download the PDF