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Tools | Building a Brand Value Pyramid

Here’s a quick exercise that can really help to clarify your value proposition for all of your marketing efforts.  Answer the following questions to create a Brand Value Pyramid, which you can use to ensure that you have a consistent message that tells the customers you want exactly why they should buy from you.
  • What do you offer? At the core, what are you really selling to people?  What is the need you’re satisfying?  Sum it up in one thing.
  • Who are your best customers now? Identify the current customers who you love to work with.
  • Who is your ideal customer?  Describe the kind of person who would be perfect for your product.
  • Why should your ideal customer choose your company? What are the top 3 reasons why they should buy your product?
  • Why do you do what you do?  Don’t say “to earn a profit.”  Write 4 reasons why you’re really in the business you’re in.
  • Where do you most often reach with your customers?  What are your 5 top customer touchpoints?  These are the areas you need to optimize to ensure you’re communicating a consistent message.
Value Pyramid