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Tools | How to become a Brand Superhero

Superhero One of the keys to developing more innovative ideas on how to promote and position your company is to look for different ways of how to view it.  By personifying your brand, you can get your customers to more easily relate to you and remember who you are and what you stand for.  It also helps if you can discover ways to inspire your customers with what you do, rather than simply selling them a product or service. Think of your brand as if it were a superhero and answer the following questions:
  • Character: What are the traits that make your company admirable/inspiring?
  • Abilities: What are the key activities you excel at?
  • Weaknesses: What is your “kryptonite?”
  • Nemesis: Who or what are you against?  What
  • Purpose: What is the cause you’re fighting for?
  • Unique Powers: What are your most formidable strengths?
  • Origin Story: How did you come to be?
  • Emblem: What does your logo represent?
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