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Tools | Media Brainstorming: “A day in the life”

Are you looking for new places to promote your product?  In our media saturated world, there are so many places where you can advertise.  But what makes the most sense for your target audience.  Try this exercise to put yourself in your customers’ shoes to help you identify some relevant places to put your message.
  1. Create a persona of your target audience (learn how)
  2. Imagine what that person would do on a typical day.  Start from the time they wake up until they go to bed.
  3. Write down a list of all of their activities.  Ask yourself where would they go, what would they watch, listen, read
  4. Write down potential places where you may have an opportunity to promote your company.  This could be media placements, like TV or magazines.  It could also be online (e.g. social media) or in-person (e.g. mall sign).  Note this on a separate column next to the activities.
  5. Finally, brainstorm some ideas of how you could promote at those placements.  Ask yourself, what would be the best message and creative for each placement (i.e. certain messages/creative work better in certain places than others).
Day in the Life Exercise Download PDF