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The importance of a singular core advertising message

Bombarding Advertising Messages If I throw a ball at you, there’s a good chance you’ll catch it.  If I throw two balls, maybe you’ll catch one, maybe even both if you’re really paying attention.  If I throw five, there’s a good chance you won’t catch any. The same is true with an advertising message. When you run an ad, the natural inclination is to try to fit as much as you can.  You’re paying for it.  You should maximize your investment, right?  Talk about all of your awards; put your address and hours of operation; promote upcoming sales and customer testimonial quotes. The problem is that the more you try to say, the less people will remember. Keep your advertising message focused, singular and clear.  Make it easy for your target to catch it and hold on to it.  If not, they’re more likely to just dodge them.