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The dilemma of advertising

It’s never been easier to create an ad. You can make a TV commercial on your iPhone.  You can get a high school kid to design a brochure for you.  You can get a Facebook ad running in minutes. You can open a Twitter account and get thousands of people to follow you on a daily basis.  You can create numerous videos and put it up on YouTube to have it watched over and over again for free, rather than paying to run it on TV. The question is, “does anyone care?” Since it’s never been easier to advertise, of course, everyone does it.  You see advertising every time you turn on the TV or the computer; every time you walk out your door; every time you open your mailbox; every time you get in your car; every time you walk around your neighborhood. Messages constantly surround us.  We’ve simply learned to drown things out, to ignore, to stop listening.  The only thing we see or hear anymore are the messages that matter to us, the ones that make us feel something, the ones that make us care. That’s the key.  Stop trying to find ways to better promote yourself.  Focus on spreading ideas about what makes you do better than everyone else.  Tell people about the good work that you do.  Show them why you’re important to them.  That’s how you’ll get people to buy.  Not more ads.