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(Not) Connecting all the dots for your customers

Connect the dots “It’s important enough to join enough dots in our advertising to avoid confusion (and as a result rejection), but to leave enough dots for the viewers or listeners to join for themselves.  Into the gaps between the dots of advertising they should insert their own experience, hopes, fears, joys, and sorrows, and thus embrace the communication by becoming a part of it.” -- Rich Silverstein as told to Jon Steel (Perfect Pitch: The Art of Selling Ideas and Winning New Business) As advertisers, we often feel the need to tell the consumer as much as possible in an ad to maximize the space or time.  We believe they need to know everything about our product, its features and show images of happy people using it with our logo really big. The problem is the more we try to push ourselves on others, the less likely others will be willing to receive.  It’s like the guy at the party that keeps going on and on about themselves.  No one wants to know any more about that guy. But if you leave a little room to allow others in, if you give them just enough to pique their interest, if you provide the opportunity to be surprised, amused, entertained, they’ll own that interaction with your brand and be more receptive. The key is to trust that the people that will “get” your advertising are really the people you want as customers to begin with… because those are the people that care enough to engage with you in a meaningful way.  Those are the customers who will not only buy your product; they’ll want to support your brand.