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Marketing Tools: Write an event promo radio spot

To promote an event, radio is often the best medium to create a sense of urgency. The radio station can also record your spot with one of their DJs, as a part of their media package. Here are some general tips on writing a good “announcer-read” event spot:
  1. Provide a compelling reason why someone would think coming to your event is worthwhile for them. Hint: it’s usually not the reason why you think they should come. Think about it from this point of view. They have dozens of other places they really should be (e.g. family commitments, spending time with friends, errands, hobbies, getting some well-deserved sleep) , why should they drop everything else to come to your event?
  2. Mention the date and location of the event at least twice
  3. Phone numbers are really hard to remember from a radio spot, so avoid including it in the spot
  4. Unless you don’t have a website, always include the event information on your site and mention it in the spot