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Marketing Tools: Write a “Why should you care?” Statement

In order for people to remember, you need to stand out in their minds.  It’s not enough to have pretty good products and decent services.  You need a hook.  You need a single thought that people will know you for.  You can call it a Unique Selling Proposition or an Elevator Pitch. But what it boils down to is that you need to be able to explain what you do in a single breath that explains what you do, who you do it for, how it’s different, and why does it matter. To help you craft this statement, fill out the below.  But don’t just give generic answers.  Really think about it.  If there is any company out there that can say the same thing, you haven’t gotten it yet.  Figure out what makes you unique.  After you get it just right, look at all of your marketing and ask yourself if it’s communicating this simple statement OR are you just putting a bunch of random things that may or may not matter to them. Example: Target We provide affordable well-designed merchandise to the masses and unlike our competitors, we believe that design is more than just good looks because it’s about offering products and an experience that makes an ordinary shopping trip into something people can actually look forward to.