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Marketing Tools: Make an ad memorable

Companies spend a lot to run an ad, whether it’s TV, radio, print, online, etc.  No matter how many times it runs, it’s a waste if no one remembers it.  Answer these questions to make your ad more memorable. 1. What are you trying to say? Answer this question in a single sentence. Too often, we try to cram too much information in a single ad to “get the most bang for the buck.”  However, every additional piece of information you add makes your ad more complicated and forgettable.  Think about the last ad you saw or heard.  How much of it do you remember?  You probably remembered one or a couple key things.  That’s it. By answering this simple question when you’re creating your ad, you can ensure that the one thing they remember will be the one thing you want them to remember. 2. Who are you trying to talk to? Define your target customer. More than likely your product isn’t for every single person.  A teenager is much different than a retired senior.  A mom of three is much different than a single guy.  If you’re going to make your ad memorable, you need to have a good understanding of what your target customer would relate to. 3. Why would they care? Think of what about your product or service actually matters to them. After you’ve figured out who you’re trying to talk to, you can figure out why they should care about what you have to say.  This is the part where a lot of marketers miss.  It’s not enough to have a clear message and know how you’re targeting.  You need to identify something that will truly touch them.  Something that will make them remember why they should go to you, as opposed to anyone else. BONUS TEST: Ask yourself if it’s… Interesting? Distinctive? Engaging? Actionable? This is the key to good ideas.