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Marketing Tools: Make a compelling sales presentation

People generally hate being "sold to."  They don't care about your product.  They think you're wasting their time.  How do you get around this predisposition?  Use this step-by-step approach to start off on the right foot. 1. Start with some commonality you both can agree on Accept their worldview wholeheartedly.  Agreement builds engagement and rapport.  If you start off with something, they either are unsure of or downright disagree with, you're already two steps behind. 2. Ask open-ended, non-leading questions Most sales people use the leading question to evoke a positive response to their argument (e.g. don't you want the reassurance that your kids will be protected?).  Don't do that.  Be genuine and ask honest questions that will help you understand their situation better (e.g. what keeps you up at night?). 3. Acknowledge their concerns right up front Rather, than trying to hide weaknesses in your argument, bring them front and center.  It's what they're thinking about anyway. Also reframe their concerns in your own words, so they understand that you've heard them and understand where they're coming from. 4.  Provide additional information on the subject Avoid the desire to jump into your argument immediately.  Set the stage, by providing neutral, factual information. 5. Explain your argument in their terms Provide context.  Help them understand what it means to them on a real, personal level. Image by IntelFreePress via Flickr CC