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Marketing Tools: Brand Engagement Model

Most marketers are familiar with A.I.D.A. model for advertising communications:
  • Attention – make people aware
  • Interest – then you make them intrigued about what you’re selling
  • Desire – then you get them to want your product
  • Action – then hopefully, you get them to buy it
The problem with this model is that it looks at marketing and advertising from a very linear point of view.
  • What happens after they purchase your product?  Will they continue to purchase from you again and again?  Maybe, maybe not.
  • What if they had a bad experience?  Can you regain their trust? Can you get them interested again?
  • What about the times when people simply make a spur of the moment decision?
MCA Brand Engagement Model We feel it’s time for an update to the model that addresses the multi-level interaction that consumers have with brands.
  • Unknown: They haven’t heard of you yet
  • “The Fog”: They’ve heard of you, but don’t know how you’re really different than any of your competitors
  • Perception: What they think about you
  • Experience:  Every touchpoint they’ve had with you, including purchasing from you
  • And what people think of you ultimately affects their experience with your brand.  And their experience with your brand affects what they think of you.
MCA Brand Engagement Model Every single customer a company has ever had has moved along this path, whether they were aware of it or not.  But there are basically 3 things that a marketer can do to control how a person moves along this path.
  • Awareness:  Make your audience aware of you (e.g. advertising, storefront, event)
  • Positioning:  Provide a clear message of what you want people to think about you
  • Interaction:  Control how you relate to them with every potential interaction
This simple model provides a framework for optimizing your marketing efforts to make them more effective for your business.