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Ideas for Realtors

In Hawaii, there are so many realtors, it’s often difficult for any one of them to stand out.  Many often rely on referrals or repeat business.  These ideas can help leverage your previous buyers as well as help to get you some new ones. 1. Create a monthly e-newsletter Feature a few of your current listings.  Include some home remodeling tips to keep people’s interest. Since it’s sent via email, it’s easy for people to forward on to friends that might be interested.  Constant Contact and Mail Chimp provide customizable templates and customer database tools, making it easy and quick to send your first e-newsletter. 2. Send monthly post cards featuring one home on the market to former clients They can be printed relatively inexpensively by companies like Vista Print and PS Print. 3. Print a calendar Ask former clients if they would allow you to take some professional photos of their home and place them in a calendar to be mailed to all of your former clients.  Have the photographer take unique and artistic shots of the home to make it more compelling for people to hang up.  Send each client 2 copies, one to keep and one to give to a friend. 4. Create a house hunting blog Start a blog that provides tips for people looking for a house in Hawaii.  Blogs are great ways to drive search traffic to your site and can catch people who may be looking at numerous sources.  If you put in the time to make your blog truly useful, you can establish credibility and trust, even before you meet with a new client. 5. What to look for in a house e-book You can also write an e-book on what home buyers should look for in a home.  Again, providing resources like this establishes you as an authority.  They’re not as difficult to write as you would think.  Check out this article from HubSpot, which provides a good overview.