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Ideas for Promoting Shopping Centers

Check out these ideas on how to gain more traffic for your shopping center and better promote your merchants. 1. Host a scavenger hunt Invite shoppers to participate in a mall-wide scavenger hunt where they have to find clues at select stores.  Winners would receive a generous mall gift card.  The clues should highlight featured products/services at each store. 2. Build a microsite with videos of all of your stores Videos can be professional TV spots they currently run or just the owner/manager talking about what makes their store great and why consumers should visit.  With so many options to record video (e.g. iPhone, digital camera, etc.), virtually any merchant can record a simple video.  The personalized message may be even more engaging than the TV spots, if it’s genuine and authentic. 3. Send out a daily deals email Similar to Groupon or Living Social, send out a sale or promotion featuring only 1 of your stores.  You can make the requirement of the offer more lenient than other group deals companies (i.e. doesn’t necessarily have to be 50%+ off) to increase merchant participation. 4. Create a Foursquare Page with all of your stores People who follow your page would receive tips for every one of your stores, allowing a central place to create targeted messages. 5. Do a direct mail campaign to households within a one-mile radius The people who live nearest to your location are likely the ones who frequent it most.  So send a quarterly “Hey Neighbor” direct mail piece to homes within your area.  The piece could include upcoming events, community related news, exclusive offers just for them. 6. Position mall signs along anchor routes Optimize the positioning of your mall signs so that they’re placed along the most common routes that people travel to go from the parking lot to key anchor stores or restaurants.  Use those mall signs to feature new stores (mall sign ad space could be included in new leasing agreements).