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Ideas for Marketing a Hotel in Hawaii

1. Do a Friends and Family of Kama‘aina special Send an email blast or direct mail to your Kama‘aina guests which provides a discount to their friends and family.  It could encourage them to invite their loved ones  on the mainland to come for a stay at your hotel. 2. Mail a postcard with a glamour shot of your property to previous guests 1 year after their stay Simple message: “Wish you were here again”  Could be a question or a statement. 3. Create a Foursquare page of island attractions Rather than creating a page that just shows your hotel locations, why not host a Foursquare Page with recommendations on things to do around the island.  Members who follow your page will get your tips on all the interesting sites you list when they “check-in.” 4. Send a pass-along e-postcard Send an electronic postcard to your database with a unique code on each.  Recipients would be directed to enter the code and email address at a microsite to redeem a prize.  The prize could either be a discounted room package, logo items, $ off your restaurants or on-property activities.  After they get their prize, they’ll have the option of sending the post card to other email addresses to see what they can win.  The postcards they send will have the same code as the original, so you can track what type of people are the most likely to share and also which has a network that is likely to share.  Use that info to optimize your CRM program and target those influencers. 5. Host a chartered tour for guests during shoulder periods Do something a little different than the usual golf or spa package.  Create a package for lower occupancy months, where guests will also receive access to a daily chartered tour of the island, sponsored by your hotel. 6. 365 days of [your hotel]… Create a page on your website that lists what’s happening at your hotel or on the island each day of the coming year.  Some of the entries could be events you’re hosting.  Others could be things to do around the island.  Some could just be general things to do around the property.  But each day should be a little different.  Make it so they can enter the days of their expected stay and see some of the things they could be doing. 7. Sweet Upgrade Create a package rate (that’s just a little above a standard rate) where people who book it will be randomly chosen for a complimentary upgrade to a suite and room service or dining certificates for each night of their stay.  You can select the timing of when to give the suite based on availability.  So you’re not losing revenue on the room.  And you can set the rate based on the F&B costs for the promotion.  But the end goal is to create a package that’s unique and can stand out.  So many offer the same types of packages.  Creating interesting and notable packages can help sell themselves.