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Blog | Fear and boasting in advertising

Fear and Boasting in Advertising Mediocre advertising is often the result of two opposite, but interrelated intentions. Advertising is a significant expense, so companies naturally want to make sure to get the most “bang for the buck.”  This often equates to cramming in as much messaging as possible.  It can also lead to doing the same kind of advertising over and over again, regardless of whether it’s past it’s effectiveness.  Following competitors is also a symptom of this.  If others are doing it, it must work.  However, then you lose your distinctiveness. On the flip side, companies call also fall into the trap of constantly talking about themselves, regardless of whether they’re saying anything compelling.  They get stuck saying things that the company may care a lot about, but they may not be things that matter very much to the consumer. The key to compelling advertising is to focus on consistently sharing your unique points of value that people care about.  Have the courage to stand for what you believe in.