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End the day half done – to help execute your marketing programs

Beginning to do any worthwhile task is always a difficult proposition. It’s easy for us to keep putting it off, especially if we have “more important” things to do. This is especially true of new marketing programs. Many business owners and marketing managers have great ideas on a new promotion, an innovative event, a cool collateral piece or ad that would really help to better promote themselves. But how to actually do it can often be unclear. Other more urgent tasks start to pop up. And more and more details arise that make it a lot harder than originally thought. Those cool ideas start to become harder and harder to visualize and they quietly go to the back of the line. Steven Pressfield calls this “the resistance.” It’s that inner voice that tells us that it’s too hard, that you’re going to fail anyway. Every successful person knows that the key is to overcome “this resistance” through faith and perseverance. But it’s always hard, nonetheless. One way to get through it is to break up the size of the task and the risk of failure through one simple habit: End each work day by starting on a difficult task you’ve been putting off. Do it at the end of the day, so you know you can’t possibly finish it then. This helps to minimize your anxiety of feeling you have to get it done right. The next day it will be easier to work on because it’s already been started. Keep doing this consistently and you’ll find that big huge difficult thing you were putting off is already done.