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Do your timesheets

It’s an inside joke for ad agency people.  Everyone hates doing their timesheets. It’s a hassle.  It’s a waste of time.  It’s hard to remember all the things I worked on, much less what job number they are. Beyond just the pure fact that it’s the only way to really see if you’re making money or not, it’s also a good way to stay focused on more important things. Peter Drucker once said that, “what gets measured, gets managed.” When we started this company, I decided to start recording everything I did that was work-related in 15 minute increments.  Everything.  Even if it was just reading articles or sending out a bill, I recorded it in an Excel worksheet.  Of course, it’s been helpful in tracking billing.  But the other thing I didn’t realize it would do is it has made me a thousand times more vigilant in doing work efficiently and focused.  When you know you have to write down what you did for every 15 minutes, you value your time more.  You make sure what you’re doing is the best thing you should be doing at that point in time. You may ask, “but doesn’t doing the timesheets to that degree waste a lot of time, which negates being more focused?” A little.  But not nearly as much as you would think.  And the benefits far outweigh a little extra time.