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Do great marketing anyway

Mother Teresa placed a sign on her home with an adapted quote from writer, Keith Kent.  It basically went on to say that even though the world may be flawed and your good deeds unrecognized, you should still seek to do good anyway. It got us thinking.  For those of us in the advertising and marketing world, it’s easy to get caught up in reaction mode, responding to urgent demands or trying to keep up with the latest technology and trends.  But in the end, marketing is still based on basic human truths.  And it is only by remaining true to these key fundamentals that we can achieve long-term success. Here’s our take on the famous poem... Many consumers are just looking for the lowest price. Provide exceptional customer service anyway. Your ads may go over the heads of some. Do smart, innovative creative anyway. You may not have thousands of likes or followers. Share content that you care about anyway. Social media is time consuming, difficult to manage, and hard to estimate ROI. Reach out and engage with people anyway. A single Yelp review or Facebook comment may discredit you. Embrace social media anyway. Your new promotion may fail. Keep trying new ideas anyway. You’re constantly being asked to produce more results with smaller budgets. DO GREAT MARKETING ANYWAY. Do great marketing anyway