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Cream puffs on your mind

Coco Puffs Why does “everyone” go to Liliha Bakery to get Coco Puffs (their name for cream puffs)? Do they really have a secret recipe that can’t be duplicated? Are they really the best? Maybe, maybe not. So how did they become “the” place to get cream puffs? Imagine for a moment that you mind is one big storage closet and everything you know are in labeled containers. There are big containers and small ones. There are important ones you use all the time, which are more upfront and with very detailed labels. There are others that are farther to the back because you don’t need them very often and it takes a lot of work to get to them. Now, imagine a container labeled “cream puffs.” Now depending on who you are, more than likely, it’s not a container that’s way up front. It’s also not something that you pull out that often because it takes a lot of work to get to it. So once something is in there (say, Liliha Bakery’s Coco Puffs), you tend to keep it there. This is the idea behind “positioning.” Once a product holds a “position” in someone’s mind, it often stays there. In addition, if it’s the kind of product that people aren’t hugely invested in, there’s little reason to continue to look for alternatives or new distinctions. The lesson here is that you need to be incredibly focused on what you want people to think of your product. Don’t overwhelm people by trying to push too many messages on them or they won’t know what container to put you in or what label to use. Be “the” cream puff in their mind.