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Tools | Marketing Strategy Canvas

Marketing Strategy Canvas Need a solution to a tough marketing problem?  Try this model to help you to solve it step-by-step.  The Marketing Strategy Canvas is a one-page template to help you outline your marketing planning.  There are four questions you need to ask: IDENTIFICATION: What is the problem? DIAGNOSIS: What are some causes to the problem? STRATEGIES: What are the overall things we need to focus on? TACTICS: What are some specific things we can do to execute the strategies? It is recommended that you gather a team of employees for a brainstorm session to answer these questions. Example: Startup baked goods company Identification
  • Can’t seem to grow the business to sustainably profitable level
  • Lots of competition
  • Currently limited sales volume
  • While the quality of our current offerings is higher, it may not be discernibly better than alternatives
  • Current distribution doesn’t provide a path for sustainable growth
  • Raise awareness and build brand identity
  • Focus on novel creations
  • Create more sampling opportunities
  • Weekly Creations
    • Create 1 completely new dish per week for 10 weeks
    • Write story of inspiration for dish on blog
    • Post on social networks
    • Surprise Delights
      • Identify 10 colleagues that work in companies with a good portion of your core customer
      • Make a batch of your most recent new creation each week
      • Drop in an deliver the batch to friend to share with office
      • Include a card with link to a survey
      • Ask friend to post on social networks
      • Farmers’ Markets
        • Become a vendor at a Farmers’ Market in the Windward area
        • Sell half staple products, half new creations
        • Expand to other Markets as feasible