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ThinkTech Radio: The Pele Awards

Every year, the American Advertising Federation hosts regional advertising awards shows throughout the country.  In Hawaii, it’s called the Pele Awards and recognizes the best advertising and design work created locally during the past calendar year. Guests: Noah Tom, Anthology Marketing Group Allan Payne, Payne Advertising

ThinkTech Radio: The “Super Bowl” of Advertising

While people are usually trying to avoid advertising at all possible, the Super Bowl is a unique occurrence where people are actually seeking out ads.  Why is that and what can we learn from it so that small businesses and organizations actually get people to want to see their advertising? Guests: Jason Suapaia, 1013 Integrated Dave Daniels, MVNP

ThinkTech Radio: Public Service Advertising with Ad 2 Honolulu

This month, we featured one of Hawaii's most committed advertising organizations, Ad 2 Honolulu. This preeminent organization is  a shining example of the tremendous good creative and insightful marketing can play in making our community a better place. Guests: Maile Alsup, Ad 2 Honolulu President Kristane Gaspar, Public Service Co-Chair