Full-service strategic marketing firm, and one of the top-five advertising agencies in Hawaii

Value Proposition

We help companies to more effectively promote themselves by using a systematic and proven approach to developing marketing plans and tactics.

We believe that effective marketing comes from gaining an acute understanding of the target audiences and honing a laser-sharp definition of the marketing problem.  We use this insight to develop marketing creative that is not only interesting and distinctive, but also highly engaging and relevant. We base our work on four core principles, which help guide the way we develop marketing strategies and tactics.

Innovative: If it’s been done before, people won’t notice.

Distinctive: If someone else is doing the same thing, you won't stand out.

Engaging: If it doesn’t capture someone’s attention, they won’t know what you‘re saying.

Actionable: If it doesn’t get people to act, then none of it matters at all.

A strong "big idea" is more effective than a bunch of nonsense ads that don't really say anything interesting to the consumer.


Our process is designed to uncover strategic insights about your business and core customers to develop more relevant and actionable creative.

We believe that’s the essential first step is to define the true problem itself. We roll up our sleeves and begin gathering information. Next, we get to know your customers inside and out. What they think. How they feel. What they believe. How they live.  We look at the world through their eyes. Once we have a detailed picture, then we really get to work. Our mission? To create communication that captures, engages, surprises, and persuades its audience. It might even amuse, provoke or challenge them… but it will stand out. Because no matter how right the message is, or how perfectly it’s placed, it will be lost if it blends in. And in today‘s ever-changing marketing climate, no client can afford to have their message lost in a sea of communication, or fast-forwarded through by a digital video recorder. How we reach our customers with our message is also ever changing. We can no longer rely on traditional media.  Unlike most full-service agencies, we take an interdisciplinary team approach to solving marketing problems. By drawing on the specialist capabilities of our marketing partners, we’re able to provide clients with superior service in areas like public relations, customer relationship marketing, and interactive. And we do it without the overhead and bureaucracy of a large agency that tries to hold these “all things for all customers” functions in-house. We know that no two clients are alike, and no two have the same needs. There is no exact formula for marketing success, which is why we approach each problem fresh. It’s our obligation to our clients, and we meet it consistently.


We believe that marketing cannot be effective without creating value for the customer. Nor, will it be easily forgotten, if people care about what you do.

We believe that marketing and advertising has the power to produce positive change, not just for our client’s bottom line, but also for the community as a whole.  When companies are successful, they are better able to provide job and salary security for their staff.  When more people are employed, they’re better able to provide for their family.  When one’s family life is strong and secure, people are happier and the world is a better place.  It may sound idealistic.  But we believe what we do matters and that we can help to promote social good. We believe that collaboration is the key to producing the most effective work. We believe that modern advertising is less about promoting products and services and more about getting people to care about what you do and what you stand for. We believe that brands are created in the aggregate.  There's no such thing as a "branding campaign."  Everything you do is branding.  So the key is to define what makes you unique and how you create value in people’s lives, then finding as many ways as possible to tell that consistent story. We believe that ads that don’t run, don’t matter.  It’s not enough to be creative and have cool ideas.  It’s essential to develop actionable and executable tactics that produce measurable results.