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Tools: Developing Your Brand Story

What's your story? Here’s an exercise in how to look at your brand from a new perspective. Imagine that your company is the protagonist of a great adventure story.  Write down the primary aspects of the story.
  • Backstory: How did your business start?  Why was it started?  What are some important milestones in your company’s history?
  • Setting: How is your business doing now?  What products and services do you offer?  What customers do you serve?
  • Quest: Why are you in business?  What is your purpose?  What value are you bringing to customers?
  • Villain: Who are you against?  Who are your competitors?  What are the alternatives to your product?
  • Supporting Characters:  Are there any other people or companies that support your business?
After you’ve established these elements of your story, ask yourself: As the hero of your story, where do you go from here? This can help to provide new ideas on where to take your brand, new products to offer, or ways to improve your overall business.