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Blog | The people (and brands) you meet

party_wine_cheese A guy walks into a party.  He’s immensely popular and instantly gains everyone’s attention.  He begins to talk about himself incessantly, all the cool things he’s done, all the people he knows.  He has a ton of friends.  But doesn’t really know any of them very well.    And honestly, they don’t know the true him very well either, beyond the surface level stories. Someone else walks in and at first she’s talking to everyone.  Not very long conversations.  But she tries to meet everyone in the room.  From these short meetings, everyone pretty much likes her.  But she’s also trying to put up a really good show, acting the best she can to everyone.  About half way through, she’s exhausted.  She just can’t keep it up.  So she leaves.  And then everyone wonders where she went. The next person walks in.  A lot of people know him.  But he’s afraid to really talk to anyone.  You see, a couple weeks ago, he heard some of them saying kind of nasty things about him.  They were all untrue.  But since he didn’t back himself up, everyone just figured the stories were real.  It’s too bad because if he would just explain the situation, pretty much everyone would understand.  Instead he sticks around for five minutes and leaves. Another guy walks in to the party.  Not everyone knows him.  So he starts talking to the people he does know.  They catch up.  He listens to their stories, they listen to his.  They have really meaningful conversations.  As the night goes on, he gets comfortable and starts talking to some new people.  He tries to really get to know them.  And by the end of the night, he hasn’t met everyone.  But he’s picked up a few new friends, who just happen to be having another party next week. Social media is the never-ending party.  It can be really fun, a dread, or something worthwhile.  What will you make it?