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Blog | The celebrity chef model of Content Marketing

bobby-flay Content Marketing is basically when a company creates and distributes relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage their target audience with the ultimate goal of driving sales. Examples include:
  • Blog
  • Tips of the day
  • How-to videos and articles
  • Infographics
  • White papers
  • E-books
  • Etc…
One reason why people don’t embrace Content Marketing is because they feel that they shouldn’t give their knowledge and expertise away for free.  Shouldn’t people pay for it?  If I give away my secrets, why would they want to buy anything from me? But take a look at celebrity chefs.  They host TV shows showing all their recipes.  They publish cookbooks.  Go on morning show interviews. Do live demonstrations.  Anyone can make anything in their restaurants because they’ve given away their “secrets” for virtually free.  So why aren’t they out of business already?  Their “secrets” are out. Or are they? When people go to a restaurant, they’re not just paying for a formula of ingredients.  They’re paying for the skill of the chefs.  They’re paying for the atmosphere of the restaurant.  They’re paying for the service.  They’re paying for the ability to tell their friends they went to “so-and-so’s” restaurant.  And most realistically, they’re paying for not having to do it themselves. Do you think their restaurants are better off or worse for their constant promotion and giving away of their "secrets?" Believe that your value doesn’t come from simply the actions that you do to provide your produce or service.  It comes from your years of expertise (whether it’s in perfecting a service or delivering a product) that can’t be easily duplicated.  Just because someone finds out how to do something doesn’t mean they a) will actually go through the effort of doing it, and b) have the skill to pull it off. So don’t be afraid to share. And share often. “What you give away you get to keep.  What you don’t you lose forever.”