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Blog | Easy is the Enemy

easy-hard Just as “good” is the enemy of “great,” “easy” is the enemy of “important.” Most business owners have a mountain of challenges to overcome.  Customer complaints, employee conflicts, vendor issues, facility problems…  There’s always something that needs to be “dealt with.”  Doing “easy things” becomes a nice retreat from the daily problems of running a business. Easy is inviting.  It calls to us.  But the most difficult challenge that any business has to overcome is the comfort of taking the easy path, rather than doing the hard work to become outstanding. People don’t care about things that they can get anywhere.  Or at least, they certainly don’t care if they get it from you or from someone else.  People want things that are unique.  They desire things that are novel and remarkable. Create ads that are thought provoking.  Develop loyalty programs that provide long lasting value.  Train your staff to offer the highest level of customer service and continuously strive for raise your standards.  Don’t take the easy way out. If something is hard to do, then that’s a good indication that it may be worth doing.  Look for those challenges where your competitors just can’t be bothered to deal with.  That’s where you’ll find your greatest opportunities.