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Blog | The value of a brand: The Chicken Nugget Thesis

Donald's Chicken Nuggets If you doubt the value of branding, listen to this story. In Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation, Sally Hogshead talks about a Stanford research study where kids were given two different sets of chicken nuggets.  One was wrapped in McDonald’s packaging and the other set in plain, unmarked packaging.  The chicken nuggets themselves in both sets were completely identical.  The participants categorically noted that the McDonald’s branded chicken nuggets tasted better than the unbranded ones.  Let me repeat that, they believed they actually tasted better.  Not just preferred.  Not just liked.  They believed they tasted better even though both sets were exactly alike. That’s the power of a brand. How can you transcend the pure physical delivery of your product?  How can you get people to believe your product is actually better, even if it has the same or even less quality as your competitors?  How can you create loyal unwavering fans? Focus on building your brand.