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Blog | Being Number One

number one Everyone is #1 at something. By manipulating the qualifiers, anyone can be number one based on certain set of criteria. You see this a lot in TV. It seems like there’s numerous shows that are the #1 New or Continuing for X Years, Drama or Comedy, in their timeslot or on Mondays, for the fall or mid-season.  When everyone’s number one, the number has less value. Companies do this too.  They say they’re the best in their industry.  They say they provide exceptional customer service, the highest quality products, and are the best value in town.  When everyone’s the best, it doesn’t mean much at all. Being number one, isn’t as important as continuously striving to deliver a better product for your customers and consistently trying to tell people how and why you’re doing that.  Don’t just say you’re the best, tell them how you’re always becoming better. The world is filled with companies who were the number one at what they did at one time or another.  Kodak.  Circuit City.  Blockbuster.  However, the key to establishing long term success is continuous improvement in delivering more value to customers.  Focus on that.  Your ranking will take of itself.