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Blog | 50 Questions That Can Make Your Advertising Better

Post-it Questions A list of (under appreciated) questions that help you focus on how to make your advertising more effective.
  1. Who is your company’s biggest supporter (excluding family and friends)?
  2. Who are your worst customers and how can you dissuade them from buying from you?
  3. What are 5 words to describe your business that your competitors wouldn’t use?
  4. What is the best story of how you helped a customer?
  5. What is the enemy of your product?
  6. How can you make your customer a hero?
  7. If you were playing Pictionary, how would you draw your business (remember – no words)?
  8. How would you describe your best customer?
  9. When do people need your product most?
  10. Why are you in the business you’re in?
  11. Why are you the perfect company to provide your product?
  12. What problem does your produce solve?
  13. If your company were an animal, what would it be? (just kidding, this is a stupid question)
  14. How does your product make people feel better?
  15. What is the most important reason people should buy from you?
  16. How would you describe your business in one sentence?
  17. What company do you aspire to be like? Why?
  18. How much do you have to sell in order to make it worth buying this ad?
  19. What do your customers most like to watch/read/listen to?
  20. Where can you find you competitors’ ads?
  21. If you were searching for your product online, what words would you use?
  22. What do you specifically want people to do on your website (other than buy something)?
  23. How would you describe your business to a 3-year old?
  24. How would you describe your business to an 80-year old?
  25. What’s your favorite brand? Why?
  26. Is there anything stopping people from being loyal customers?
  27. What is your biggest source of income?
  28. Which would you rather have – lots of one-time customers or a few passionately loyal customers?
  29. What could you do to reward your best customers?
  30. What would be the worst way to promote your company?  What would be the opposite of that?
  31. What would your competitors say about you?
  32. What would your best customers say about you?
  33. What do you sell (describe the feeling)?
  34. What are some unconventional ways your customers use your product?
  35. Other than your direct competitors, where can they buy an alternative product that would satisfy their needs?
  36. If you had 10 times the marketing budget you do now, what would you do?
  37. If you had 1/10 the marketing budget you do now, what would you do?
  38. If you had to choose 1 day out of the year to be open for business, what day would that be?
  39. If you could have any spokesperson in the world represent your brand, who would it be?  Why?
  40. If there were a way to specifically communicate a message to 1,000 people with 100% accuracy, what criteria would you use (demographically and psycho-graphically)?
  41. What is your favorite TV commercial?  Why?
  42. How do you specifically define a successful ad (use numbers)?
  43. If your company were on the cover of a magazine, what would the headline say?
  44. What is the easiest way someone can learn about your company?
  45. Where would you rank your company compared to your competitors? Why?
  46. What added value/service do you provide your customers that your competitors don’t?
  47. What could you give away that doesn’t cost you anything?
  48. What are you most proud about your company?
  49. How do you make the world a better place?
  50. What is the greatest value you provide your customers?