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Blog | The only 2 questions… (in #advertising), for SEO :)

Man Thinking Last week, I said there are only 2 marketing problems.  Well, this week, this blog post is about the only 2 questions.
  • Do we do something that matters?
  • How can we get better?
Now, I don’t mean to wax philosophic here, but those are 2 of the most important questions in life.  And because they’re universal, you can of course apply it to advertising, marketing, business, or whatever. If you’re a business owner or marketing manager, ask yourself, does our business do something that really matters?  If it does, why does it matter?  What difference are you making in the world?  How are you positively affecting people?  The answers to these questions are key to your value proposition. Now, ask yourself, how can you do it better?  How can you do more?  How can you reach out to more people to share the good work that you do?   The answers to these questions are how you will continually optimize and refine your business.  Ask them often. While keeping up with the latest advertising trends and media technologies are important, these are the meaningful questions that all businesses need to ask themselves in order to achieve long-term success.