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A better decision-making process

choosing This isn’t necessarily marketing or advertising related.  But it kind of is. There are only two things that really matter in this world:
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What do you stand for?
Every decision you make should ultimately take those two things into account.  Everything else is just a distraction. When thinking about your marketing, ask yourself if your strategy and tactics will really help you to get where you need to go and are you doing enough to get there.  The other question to ask is if what you're thinking about doing really represents the way you want your brand to be perceived. The best decisions are the ones that both help you to achieve your goals and embody your values.  You should strive to do the necessary things to succeed in whatever endeavor you choose.  Or at the very least, you should do things you believe wholeheartedly in.  But if it doesn’t fulfill at least one of those criteria, then just don’t bother. Think about this the next time you have a decision to make, whether it’s a business decision or a life decision.  It will help to clarify even the most difficult situations.