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An overlooked consumer need

People Connected The only reason why anyone buys anything is because they believe it will fulfill some need (or more typically --“want”). You may buy a food item for nourishment and pleasure. You may buy a watch, so you’ll be on time for things or because you want to show your wealth. You may buy the latest Apple product because you want the benefits of the technology it provides or to prove that you’re an "Innovator" or "Early Adopter." As you can see, the need that we’re trying to fulfill is often not straight-forward. In fact, whenever we make any purchase it’s likely that we’re trying to fulfill multiple needs. But there’s one human need so often overlooked, yet so important, it’s worth calling out. Significance. People need to feel that they matter. They need to feel that they make a dent in this world. People want to feel that what they do is important. There is nothing more demoralizing than feeling that your efforts are meaningless. Go beyond trying to make your customers feel special. Strive to fulfill their need to feel significant.