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Blog | All creativity is ultimately problem solving

idea Creativity isn’t just about doing new things or having an original thought.  It’s not creative to put a pancake on your head to sell tires for laptops.  Creativity must be applied to a specific purpose.  It must address a need.  It must seek to resolve a challenge. So when you’re thinking about how to be more creative, go back and ask yourself what is the problem you’re trying to solve with your creativity.  Maybe it’s, “how do I increase sales?”  Think of all the ways that you may be able to answer that question. Then go back and ask yourself if there’s a better question.  Maybe it’s, “how do I increase sales with virtually no marketing budget?”  Or, “how do I increase sales when I have so many competitors to deal with?” It could be, “how do I increase sales without discounting?”  The more the specific the question, the better the quality your answers will be. Look through all of your ideas.  Mix them around.  Mash them up.  Often times this leads to even better ideas.  But always go back to problem you’re trying to solve. Finally, identify the things you can actually do.  Thinking of lots of great ideas is irrelevant if it doesn’t lead to specific actions.  Remember the core to creativity is to create – to cause to come into being.  Unless you actually do it, it doesn’t matter.