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A new definition for effective marketing

New Definition of Marketing venn diagram The traditional definition for marketing states that: Marketing is the process of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. But in this world of complete and total saturation of constant and never ending deluge of promotion and selling, we feel it’s time for an update. The new definition of Marketing is... Identifying the thing(s) that make your company unique, which your customers would also care about, and then telling that story in as many creative ways as possible with the resources you have. There are a few important distinctions in this new definition to point out:
  • “unique” While the concept of having a “Unique Selling Proposition” has been around for decades, it’s amazing how often companies say the same things as their competitors.  There are simply too many competitors in our modern economy.  Unless you’re consistently trying to stand apart, you’re doomed to suffer mediocrity.
  • “care”  Not be aware of.  Not buy.  Care.  People need to care about what you do and what you have to offer or there will be no brand loyalty.
  • “telling that story”  We need to look beyond simply doing ads.  People hate being forced to look at or listen to ads.  But everyone loves a compelling story.
  • “as many as possible”  Marketing doesn’t have to be confined to running ads and producing promotional materials.  Every interaction you have with a customer is a potential vehicle to tell your story.